A Movement To Reshape Music Education

It’s the Way We Learn

Musical Futures is an innovative and exciting approach to music education that places the learner and their love of music at the heart of the music experience. Through a combination of informal learning and non-formal teaching, Musical Futures participants are immersed in the powerful act of making music—starting with the music that they know and love.

Working in dynamic, interactive musical communities, learners develop a sense of confidence in their ability to be the musician, learning to create, produce and listen to music in ways that are deep and lasting!

For those new to Musical Futures Canada, we hope that you’ll find something here that captures your imagination. For those that have already been working with the Musical Futures ethos for a while now, we’re confident this will be a place for you to connect, access a whole constellation of free resources and get the support you need to continue this exciting journey.

Musical Futures—It’s the Way We Learn

Non-formal Teaching: Getting Down to the Basics!

Although the Musical Futures philosophy involves being open to a whole range of strategies and approaches, it is firmly grounded in two important ideas: informal learning and non-formal teaching. I find that, when talking about Musical Futures, these two concepts are sometimes blended into a single phrase (Informal-learning-non-formal-teaching); sometimes they are used interchangeably. While there is connective tissue (I love using that phrase!) between the two, ignoring the distinctions between Informal learning and Non-formal teaching can cause us to lose some of the subtle colour and nuances of each.

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Music Education For It’s Own Sake!

Thanks to Musical Futures Champion, Steve Richards, for tweeting this post out earlier today. I think that it will resonate with many of us who bristle at attempts to justify music education as a means to an end other than the human appreciation and enjoyment of…well…MUSIC!   Stop “Defending” Music... read more

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Working with Musical Futures Canada


We offer a growing collection of print, audio and video resources designed to help you bring the excitement of informal learning and non-formal teaching to life in your own context. Whether you’re a Musical Futures newbie, or have been at it for a while, you’re sure to find something here to both inspire and challenge you and your students.

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Connect with one of our Champion Teachers. Join a Tuesday evening Twitter chat. Comment on a blog entry. Register for the Musical Futures Ning. Sign up for a training session. There are plenty of ways for you to connect with the growing community of people exploring the Musical Futures approach. Not only will you find a warm welcome here, but you’ll soon discover that your voice, your insights and your own learning is very welcome here!

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Training & Support

Musical Futures Canada is committed to offering you high quality, interactive support to cover a wide variety of needs and contexts. Whether you’re looking for a full-day training session in your school or community, an webinar session or a Twitter chat, we would love to talk to you about how we can best help you.

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